Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Oya Scarf Shawl with wild flowers-Turkish Yemeni

This beautiful red colored cotton scarf is embellished with beautiful flowers and edged with wild dark red flower OYAs.
The lace flower is entouraged with yellow lines.The middle of flower is embellihed with purple seed

The lenght of each flower is 1 inch(2.5cm)
The diameter of the flower is a bit less then 1 inch.

It is made of cotton and acrylic.
It can be hand washed in warm water ,lay down flat to dry.
Size : 38" x 36" The lacework and the colors are beautiful. It can be used as a neck wrap,a head or neck scarf ,kerchief,head band,bandana or as shawl or belly accessory. It may also be used as a home decor item. ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿ ✿♡✿
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